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Episode 46 – Live at No Brand Con 2015

This is the weirdest episode we’ve ever done in the history of Nerd & Tie. I’m serious – we’ve never been this strange before, and likely never will again. This episode was recorded live at No Brand Con 2015 in Eau Claire, WI.

The final No Brand Con in Eau Claire in fact.

Our biggest story is No Brand Con’s announcement they’re moving to the Wisconsin Dells in 2016 (and this dominates a pretty huge part of the episode – including a live Q&A with the audience since two of us are former staffers of this event), but we also talk about Iceman’s sexuality in Marvel’s main comic universe as well as the Galaxy Quest TV adaptation.

And then we start reading your letters and things get weird.

Who am I kidding, they were weird long before we got there. This episode is also called what happens when we decided to get Pher drunk before recording the podcast and give the audience a microphone.

Stuff to read:

Iceman Now Canonically Gay

Literally (and I mean for decades) there have been ongoing theories that original member of the X-Men Bobby Drake (aka “Iceman”) is, in fact, not straight. Fans have asked whether the character is bisexual or gay for so long, it made it into an episode of Family Guy. Well, tomorrow’s issue of “All-New X-Men” will put the issue to rest.

Iceman is gay.

The news came out as pages of the comic leaked online:

Personally, I see this as a good thing. I mean, we all sort of knew it already anyway.

Via io9