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Hawkman to Appear on ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

We all saw a brief glimpse of Hawkgirl (portrayed by Ciara Renée) at the end of The Flash‘s season finale, and we’ve known for a while that she’s is set to be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow (not to mention the possibility of her own show).

Well, it looks like we’re going to see Hawkman as well.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that besides showing up on Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkman will show up on Arrow and The Flash first. For the record, it will be the Carter Hall version of the character.

So, y’know, that’s sort of neat.

Via EW

Legends of Tomorrow Already has a Trailer

…and frankly, its amazing!

Beware of Spoilers!

Between tons of superheroes, expertly choreographed action and pretty decent visual effects for a network show, this series is already looking to be something huge. I can’t help but imagine the Arrow-verse team are doing things just to show how easy it would be to do some form of live action Justice league.

Also is Rory wearing the Tenth Doctor’s coat?

Episode 47 – The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

On this episodes we break things down into the Good (show renewals), the Bad (show cancellations) and the Unexpected (which is what it sounds like). Listen to and watch us celebrate iZombie, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD all getting new seasons. Listen to us lament the loss of Constantine… and Helix.

Then we get to Red Dwarf‘s two new upcoming series, a Myst TV show, and a thoroughly unneeded third installment in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga.

We also share our thoughts on No Brand Con and read the biggest mailbag in a long while.

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Arrowverse Spinoff ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Ordered to Series

We talked about the weird Arrowverse spinoff a while ago, which has a cast including Brandon Routh (as the Atom), Wentworth Miller (as Captain Cold), Victor Garbor (who previously appeared as half of Firestorm), and Caity Lotz (as the dead version of Canary).

It was confusing.

Well, everything’s making a lot more sense now, as now know that the series has been picked up and is called Legends of Tomorrow. The series will be built around Arthur Darvill as Time Traveler Rip Hunter assembling a team of people across time (hence the dead character) to fight some big bad.

The show will also feature Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl and Franz Drameh in an unnamed role.

This is the fourth show from the creative team behind Arrow, and the third on The CW. Along with the Vixen series on CW Seed, the Arrowverse is shaping up to be a much more interesting than DC’s movie universe and its too bad Warner Bros won’t let its spirit translate into the films.

Via Screenrant