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Episode 65 – Not Soon Enough

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, Trae and Nick are going it on their own (as Pher is unfortunately ill). We mourn the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, contemplate Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who, consider Star Wars Episode VIII’s move to December 2017, skeptically consider Michael Bay’s future with the Transformers franchise, wonder where all the money is from TCE2, and talk about Yourminicon cancelling half of their conventions.

And I guess some other stuff. We rambled a bit.

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Michael Bay Says Transformers 5 Will Be His Last One, Totally Means It This Time

In an interview with Collider, director Michael Bay stated that that the upcoming Transformers 5 would be his final time directing a film in the franchise. After this one, he will be leaving the franchise to move onto other projects. He doesn’t want to spend one more additional minute chronicling the adventures of Optimus Prime. He’s totally done after this one.

…pardon me if I have a hard time believing him.

You see, we’ve heard this before. Like more than once. Since the third movie, it’s continuously been his “last” Transformers film. So, like I said last time, I guess I’ll finally believe him once a different director’s name is attached to Transformers 6.

Not buying it until that happens though.

Transformers 5 is scheduled for a mid-2017 release.

Via Collider

Wesley Chu’s ‘Time Salvager’ Being Adapted By Michael Bay

Paramount has decided they want to adapt Wesley Chu’s time travel science fiction novel Time Salvager into a major motion picture. Of course, when it comes time to pick a director for a nuanced, interesting take on a potential epic, Paramount knew exactly who should helm the project.

And that’s, of course, Michael Bay.

So… yeah. Expect a lot of stuff to blow up and pretty much negative character development.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian will produce the film. And maybe this is all okay. I mean, it’s not like we know whether or not the book is any good or not, since it hasn’t even come out yet and won’t until July 7th. I mean, we have literally reached the point where things are getting optioned before anyone has ever read them.

So yeah… I guess the news is “Michael Bay keeps getting to make movies,” and since enough of us keep going to see them, it’s kind of our own fault.

Via The Wrap

Episode 36 – Lack of Direction

On this episode we talk about recent casting for both the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universes, Transformers 4 getting submitted to the Academy just because, Robert Orci getting kicked off Star Trek 3ish, a Japanese Godzilla returning, and recent disasters in the con scene.

We’re looking at the terror attack at Midwest FurFest in a serious light and the cancellation of Emoti-Con in a not so serious one.

Y’know, for obvious reasons.

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Paramount has Submitted Transformers: Age of Extinction to the Academy

In a move that can only be described as “Someone over at Paramount got really blitzed the other night”, Paramount Pictures has submitted Transformers 4: Age of Extinction to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as a candidate for a Best Picture nomination.  Paramount, a movie studio that’s been around long enough to be taken entirely seriously, submitted the blockbuster movie earlier this week. Not only have they asked it to be considered for best picture, but Michael “KABOOM” Bay has also been submitted as Best Director, an award won previously by Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg.  Several other technical aspects of the film were also submitted for consideration.


Just because Paramount decided to hit the submit button, however,  doesn’t mean the Academy will allow it to be nominated. First, the application must get past whomever will look at said application, have a hearty laugh, and call everyone over because “hey guys look at what Paramount sent to us”.

In other words, don’t expect Michael Bay & company to get played off the stage during their explosion-filled Oscar acceptance speech anytime soon.

via Escapist Magazine

Bay Says He Won’t Direct the Next ‘Transformers’ Film… again

According to USA Today, Michael Bay has said that he plans on passing the baton for the next Transformers film. If this sounds familiar, it might be because Bay was saying the same kind of stuff after the third Transformers film… so I guess I’ll believe it when I see someone else’s name attached to the project.

Bay’s direction of the Transformers films have been at best inconsistent. While the first Transformers film in the modern series was actually pretty good, each subsequent sequel has fallen in quality… yet they keep making money. Big screen biscuit tinning tends to do that though.

Whether or not Bay returns though, Transformers 5 is sure to happen though… and we can only hope it gets better.

Please get better.

Via USA Today

All the Good Parts of Transformers in One 20-Minute Supercut

Michael Bay is a lot of different things: Hacky, trollish, predictable,  egotistical, etc. The list goes on. But we can all agree that the guy loads up the Transformers movies with a hell of a lot of robot punching, right?


One masochistic YouTube user decided to comb through the original Transformers trilogy and compile every instance of the titular bots punching each other across the sky. The result? Only 20 minutes of an almost 8 hour trilogy features fighting robots. On the plus side, it’s the only 20 minutes you’re ever going to need to see from the first three movies.

Kinda puts the complaints about 45 minutes of Godzilla‘s monster fighting into perspective, huh?

via io9

Episode 23 – Call them BishouBros.

On this fortnight’s installment we talk about the return of Heroes of Cosplay, Ant Man’s director shuffle, Fantasic Four books leaving shelves just as Fox works on the film, a possible Stargate reboot, everyone freaking out about Michael Bay’s Evangelion comments, progress on Pacific Rim 2, and the second season of the (My) Immortal webseries.

That, and we’ve come up with a term for insecure dudes who like Sailor Moon.

Episode 11 – The Best of 2013!

In this fortnight’s episode we talk about Disney’s new television show with horrible implications, Ant Man finally getting a lead actor, Scott Lobdell being a douchecanoe – and our best and worst picks for 2013.

Because it’s just about over.

Because it’s December.

You really should have known that already.