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Listen to ‘Dear Enoby,’ a My Immortal Inspired Song for True Goffs

Occasionally I record music, and I occasionally I make you guys listen to it. This here? This is one of those situations.

Today I present to you “Dear Enoby (Darkness Dementia Raven Way),” a song based loosely on the My Immortal Fanfic and *heavily* based on the (My) Immortal Webseries based off said Fanfic. So it’s a song, based on a webseries, based on a fanfic, based on a movie, based on the Harry Potter books.

Footage is heavily lifted from said webseries, which you should go watch now if you haven’t.

You can download the MP3 or just watch the Youtube video:

Episode 43 – Loosed Basely

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we remember the late Terry Pratchett, dive into Nick and Pher’s weekend at Kitsune Kon, lament CHI-FI’s inability to do PR or communicate, get amazed by the antics of Fantasticon Milwaukee, talk about the No Boys Dorm Kickstarter, entertain the idea of the “Con Man” webseries, and get confused by Mallrats 2 being a thing.

Also, Sony is screwing up the Ghostbusters franchise, big time.

Our coverage on CHI FI –

Our coverage of Fantasticon Milwaukee –

“No Boys Dorm” Kickstarter –

“Con Man” Indiegogo campaign –

Naruto musical costumes –

Video Version:

(Trae rescued it amazingly – it is audio only just in the letters)

Audio Version:

Kickstarter Launched for ‘No Boys Dorm’ Webseries

As we mentioned last week, the creators of the (My) Immortal web series are trying to put together a new show called No Boys Dorm. No Boys Dorm will be a “shoujo-inspired spiritual sequel” to (My) Immortal, and they’ve put out a trailer full of familiar faces.

The big question out there was when they were going to start raising money for the show, and the answer is… well.. now. Last night they launched a kickstarter for the show. It will run for 28 days, and they’re hoping to raise $10,000 (Canadian).

$10,000 is a risky amount to aim for, especially when you consider that (My) Immortal season 2 only raised $3,400 (on a $3,000 Kickstarter), and that show had name recognition. On the other hand, people are less forgiving with original properties than they are with adaptations of a fanfic, so $10,000 is probably the amount they need to have a shot at doing it right.

Personally, I’m rooting for them… and I’ve already pledged to it.

Consider doing so too.

‘(My) Immortal’ Creators Working On New Web Series ‘No Boys Dorm’

I don’t think we’ve made it a secret how fond we are of the (My) Immortal web series ’round these parts. It may he low budget, but it’s clever, funny, and well acted. While season 3 may not be happening any time soon, MediaJunkie is still working on something.

Earlier today they released a teaser for a new series called No Boys Dorm. We’ve embedded it below.

This is a preliminary teaser so they can start looking for funding, and a Kickstarter is likely to follow. Those of you who watched (My) Immortal will recognize a lot of familiar faces in the cast, and the series is being described as a spiritual sequel.

Y’know, just minus all the IP baggage of being a web series based off of a fanfic based off of some movies based off of some books.

Special: The Best of Year One!

So hey, it’s Sunday night and you’re probably expecting a fresh, new episode of Nerd & Tie! Well, tough cookies kids – due to some technical limitations we decided to delay the episode a week (shifting the schedule forward a week so we’ll eventually line up with Geek.kon too). We didn’t want to leave you hanging though, so since we’ve been doing the show for almost exactly a year, we thought we’d put out a “Best of” episode for you!

This is a collection of all of our favorite moments from the first year of Nerd & Tie, bundled together into one brilliant episode.

Trust us.

In this episode we go back to when Pher talked with (My) Immortal creator Brian McLellan, our pre-50th Anniversary Doctor Who rampant speculation, Nick explaining Kikaider to the rest of us, our predictions on Cosplay trends, and how a good chunk of Americans think HTML is an STD. There are other bits in there too, so spend an hour revisiting the last year with us.

I think it’s Celtic?

A Postmortem on (My) Immortal’s Second Season

I don’t think we’ve been shy about how much we love the (My) Immortal web series here at Nerd & Tie. For those unaware, “My Immortal” is an infamous Harry Potter fanfic which follows the exploits of the very “goffic” Hogwarts student “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way.” The fanfic is so legendarily bad that it has a cult following (most notably on the site TV Tropes). Last year a bunch of Canadians decided to adapt it into a web series, rename the protagonist “Enoby” (after a regular typo in the source material), and turn it into probably the best thing ever to go on the internet.

It’s the best web series based on a fanfic based on movie based on a book we’ve ever seen.

We talked to series creator Brian McLellan way back in episode 16 before the season began, but a lot has happened since. Yesterday they released the ninth and final episode of their second season, so I thought I might take a look back at it with a critical eye.

So yeah, buckle up boys and girls.

We’re about to get all goff and stuff… again.

With a whole bunch of spoilers. Continue reading I think it’s Celtic?

Episode 23 – Call them BishouBros.

On this fortnight’s installment we talk about the return of Heroes of Cosplay, Ant Man’s director shuffle, Fantasic Four books leaving shelves just as Fox works on the film, a possible Stargate reboot, everyone freaking out about Michael Bay’s Evangelion comments, progress on Pacific Rim 2, and the second season of the (My) Immortal webseries.

That, and we’ve come up with a term for insecure dudes who like Sailor Moon.

Episode 16 – All Goff and Stuff

On this episode we interview (My) Immortal webseries creator Brian McLellan. We also talk about the planned revivals of Pushing Daisies, Heroes, and Farscape. We let Nick talk about the Kikaider reboot, and Trae manages to not complain about Barry Allen’s costume for the new Flash series. Godzilla and Guardians of the Galaxy have new trailers… and we sort of read your mail.

That bit got complicated this episode.

Episode 11 – The Best of 2013!

In this fortnight’s episode we talk about Disney’s new television show with horrible implications, Ant Man finally getting a lead actor, Scott Lobdell being a douchecanoe – and our best and worst picks for 2013.

Because it’s just about over.

Because it’s December.

You really should have known that already.

Episode 6 – A 90s Revelation

The band is back together for our sixth episode where we talk about FOX picking up Gotham (a pre-Batman police procedural), Linda Carter’s Man of Steel 2/Wonder Woman comments, Stephanie Brown’s unbenching by DC, Star Trek Renegades, Star Wars Rebels, (My) Immortal’s season 2 kickstarter, and the newly recovered episodes of Doctor Who.

Also, revelations about Trae in the 90s.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds.

But it’s kind of funny.

Also: Link to the My Immortal Kickstarter.