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Episode 95 – A Pair of (April) Fools

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast we mourn the passing of Bernie Wrightson, ponder the new Justice League trailer, discuss The Flash‘s villain plans for Season Four, rejoice in the pending return of iZombie, have a good think about the Doctor Who series ten trailer, talk a bit about Iron Fist, continue to monitor the developing MST3K situation, and remind you that New York Comic Con is only offering day passes this year.

We went audio only episode, and do you think we sound different? I’m not so sure…

New York Comic Con Won’t Offer 3-Day and 4-Day Passes This Year

The organizers of New York Comic Con have now announced that their 2017 convention, scheduled for October 5th-8th, will not be selling any three or four day passes to the event. Attendees will only be able to purchase single day tickets.

Organizers explained their reasoning in a news update on their official website:

You may or may not know that the Javits Center is going to be under construction. This means we’ll be working with some space limitations and we want to make sure as many people have the opportunity to buy a ticket and come to the show as possible. Selling only single day tickets will give more fans the chance to buy a ticket for at least a day to experience the fun of NYCC.

Space limitations due to construction mean that fewer people can be in the building at any given time. If someone has purchased a three or four day pass, it means that the convention has to be able to accommodate the attendee for all the days the pass was purchased for — even if the attendee only intends on coming for some of those days.

This could potentially force the convention to turn people away at the door they won’t have to with only single day passes available.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but likely one of the only solutions available to the convention. As this limitation is due to construction at the Javits Center, in all likelyhood New York Comic Con owner ReedPOP will likely return to selling three and four day badges again in 2018.

Episode 92 – Bat/Bad Dads

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we mourn the passing of Richard Hatch, celebrate the joy that is The Lego Batman Movie, consider Ben Affleck’s departure from The Batman‘s director’s chair, and prematurely miss Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. Then it’s on to the con scene, where Eternal Con organizer Frank Patz has gotten himself banned from New York Comic Con (and all ReedPop events), STX Brazos Valley Comic Con guests are getting charged for hotel rooms that were supposedly paid for, and Crunchyroll has decided that Northern California totally needs another anime convention.

Just like most of us need another hole in the head.

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Eternalcon Organizer Frank Patz Banned From New York Comic Con

At the end of last October’s New York Comic Con someone walked off with approximately $20,000 worth of toy manufacturer Eaglemoss‘s property. The items were taken from their booth during Sunday night tear down, and as Bleeding Cool reports Javits center security and police were able to determine who by.

One of those people apparently is Eternalcon organizer Frank Patz.

Patz, who had been at the con assisting Michael Carbonaro‘s Vintage Movie Posters booth, was eventually arrested by the NYPD and charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen goods. Patz has apparently returned most of the merchandise, and although he was arrested, as Bleeding Cool continues:

New York police tell Bleeding Cool that accepted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal which means, as long as there is no more trouble in the next six months, all charges will be dismissed and stricken from his record.

And while Patz may end up having nothing on his record, he has apparently now been banned from both entering the Javits Center along with any of New York Comic Con parent company ReedPOP’s events.

Via Bleeding Cool