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Mars One Has Been Overhyped, Is Out Of Money

So you may have heard of Mars One. It’s ostensibly a project to send four people (two men and two women) to Mars on a one way trip to establish a permanent colony. This American Life even did a neat piece on it. There was a Castle episode with a knock off version of it even. A lot of people have applied to become one of these would-be martian pilgrims, competing with each other for the much valued spots.

Well here’s the thing: Mars One is a god damned mess.

Dr. Joseph Roche, a professor at Trinity College and a Mars One applicant, has come forward and explained just how weird Mars One is. From applicants buying their way through selection rounds to Mars One’s sketchy business practices, the likelihood of them ever sending an actual space craft is null, let alone anyone they do send surviving.

So yeah… so much for that.

Via Matter

Who wants to violate the laws of physics? NASA, that’s who.

Well, not so much “violate” as… “steal their lunch?” I don’t know.

Anyway, say there was a way to build a thruster for a spacecraft that only needed electricity to operate. No combustible fuel required, just plain old electricity. But also say that for this thing to work it had to use a principle some scientists thought was actually impossible.

…but what if they built one, and got it to work?

That’s sort of what seems to have happened. Wired has the full story, and the physics are a bit beyond me. But imagine the possibilities of a world where satellites could reposition themselves indefinitely until their solar panels broke. Where spacecrafts could be made lighter because they wouldn’t need to carry as much fuel.

It’s a pretty cool idea.

Via Wired.co.uk

Episode 8 – Urine Trouble

On this fortnightly installment of great justice, we talk about Marvel’s Defenders deal with Netflix, Star Wars Episode VII getting a release date, the Olympic Torch in Spaaaaaaace, Daisho Con 2013, a Urine Powered Robot, Nightwing appearing in Man of Steel 2… and we got a letter.

Oooh, we’re all fancy now.