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New ‘Birdman’ Trailer Makes The Film Look Really Weird, But Really Awesome

Birdman (or more appropriately “BIRDMAN or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”) is a film starring Michael Keaton about a washed up actor who used to play a superhero in films trying to successfully mount a broadway play.

Slashfilm reports that the film will be presented largely as a “single take,” using CGI to interconnect footage, and it’s very meta nature (with Keaton starring and Edward Norton appearing) kind of makes me excited just on its own.

Check out the trailer:

Via Entertainment Weekly, Slashfilm

‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ trailer just as cool as you thought it would be

Did you think we were going to forget about the trailer for the final installment in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films? Well we didn’t!

The trailer, oddly enough, features “The Edge of Night” — which you’ll remember is sung by Billy Boyd’s character Pippin in “Return of the King” (Boyd wrote the melody, the lyrics come from Tolkien). Since I doubt a likely-unborn-yet Pippin is going to show up at the Battle of the Five Armies, my money is on Jackson picking it for the trailer because of its haunting melody.

And boy does it work.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Trailer Looks Surprisingly Not Bad

I’ve been fairly skeptical about the new Mad Max film starring Tom Hardy. I mean, it’s not that the originals are some untouchable set of classics or something, but were they really something that was screaming to be remade? We all remember Beyond Thunderdome. I mean, Master Blaster, right?

But lo and behold, the new Mad Max film has a fairly entertaining trailer. And while I know that Trailers are often waaaay better than the films they advertise, I might actually give this 2015 film starring Tom Hardy a shot.

Trailer for Syfy’s TV Adaptation of 12 Monkeys is… very 12 Monkeysish?

So January of 2015 will see the twelve episode television adaptation of the Terry Gilliam cult classic 12 Monkeys air on Syfy. I don’t know how I feel about someone remaking a Terry Gilliam movie, especially as a Syfy TV series.

Aaron Stanford will star as Cole, the part originally played by Bruce Willis. While I don’t think I ever would have thought of Nikita‘s Stanford as a believable replacement for Bruce Willis in anything, he is a talented actor… so I have hope?

I have hope.

Anyway, Syfy has put out an official trailer for the upcoming series, and at least by trailer standards, it looks pretty cool.

Via TVLine

New Trailer For “Horns” Makes It Look Pretty Awesome

imageHorns, based off the book by Joe Hill, stars Daniel Radcliffe as a man persecuted by forces both natural and supernatural.

And the new poster (pictured to the right) and trailer (embedded below) looks pretty sweet.

I wasn’t really excited about this film until I watched the new trailer. But I guess that’s the whole point of trailers, isn’t it.

Horns comes out in the UK on October 31st, and somewhere thereabouts in the US as well.

I think.

We’ll find out.

Via The Mary Sue

The Doctor Who Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For

After several teasers we finally have real trailer for the Capaldi era of Doctor Who. What will the Doctor be up to starting August 23rd? Here’s your first glimpse!

No lie. I’m still pretty excited. We still don’t get much of a glimpse at what Capaldi’s performance will be like as the 12th Doctor, but that’s probably for the better as the Doctor himself doesn’t seem quite sure who he is either. But that also means a better opportunity to make a big smash when he does make his proper debut. I do feel the Daleks could do with a rest but there were definitely some new aliens in there and, frankly, who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? This is looking to be a good time indeed.

New Trailer For Ghostbusters Theatrical Re-Release

So some of you may not know this yet, but Sony Pictures is re-releasing the original Ghostbusters film in theaters on August 29th in celebration of the film’s 30th Anniversary.

Commence all of us who watched the film as kids feeling really old… now.

Anyway, to promote said re-release, Sony has put out a new Ghostbusters trailer. And it’s very Ghostbuster-y. Personally, I’m excited about the re-release. I never got to see the film in theaters when I was little, so this’ll be my first opportunity to do so. I mean, sure, I’ve watched the film at least three times this year already, but the big screen is the big screen.

It’ll only be in theaters for a week though, so come labor day weekend, y’all better get your butts in seats if you don’t want to miss it.

via Slashfilm

Terry Gilliam’s “The Zero Theorem” Gets New Trailer and US Release Date, Looks Amazing

The Zero Theorem is quickly looking to be Terry Gilliam’s best looking film since Brazil and possibly the most engaging since 12 Monkeys. It premiered almost a year ago at the Venice International Film Festival, but fans of Gilliam have had to wait patiently to see it so far.

Until now.

Because we have a release date.

The Zero Theorem gets released in the US for Digital and VOD on August 19th and theatrically on September 19th. A new trailer is out as well, and it’s just so stunning that I am at a loss for words.

Via Slashfilm

New Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Trailer? Yes Please.

Guardians of the Galaxy? Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy! The Galaxy, Guardians of. Galaxy galaxy galaxy, guardians guardians guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy of the Galaxy of the Galaxy.

Extended Trailer? Extended Trailer. Chris Pratt? Chris Pratt. Vin Diesel? Vin Diesel. Green Uhura? Green Uhura. Bald Amy Pond? Bald Amy Pond.

Hangover Raccoon.

Cassette Tape.

August 1st.

“Life After Beth” Looks Likes The Zombie Movie You Never Knew You Always Wanted

I was unaware that what was missing from my life was a movie where Parks & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza comes back from the dead as a zombie, but there you have it. I need to see this film now, more than I can express in just this tiny box of text.

The dark comedy “Life After Beth” comes out August 15th, and also stars Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon.

via The AV Club