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First ‘Cooties’ Trailer Released

What do you get when Glee‘s Ian Brennan and the Saw series’s Leigh Whannell cowrite a film? Well, you get Cooties.

Starring Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood, Cooties is about the staff of an elementary school trying to survive a zombie outbreak that only affects children.

The horror comedy has just had its first trailer released, and honestly? It’s exactly what I expected it to look like — and that’s damned good. Because it’s a trailer. Even bad movies have good looking trailers.

Cooties comes out September 18th.

CBS Gives Us the First Look at ‘Supergirl’

One of the series we’re most anticipating here at Nerd & Tie for next season is Supergirl. The CBS series, created by the same team behind Arrow and The Flash, won’t debut until the fall, but the network has put out a six-ish minute trailer for the series.

And it looks exactly like you’d expect a Supergirl series to look like from this creative team… and that’s a good thing.

Watch it for yourself though, and come to your own conclusions.

So Much For My Giving a Crap About the ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Remake

Well, the 80s nostalgia train looks ready to crap out another film, and this time it’s a remake of Jem and the Holograms. Well, sort of.

Because if you take Jem and the Holograms but strip out the talking computer, the rival band “Misfits,” and… well… any actual holograms… is it still Jem?

I argue no.

You see, we got the first trailer for the film, and all that stuff is missing. Instead the film just seems to borrow the names and slap it into a generic “rags to riches” story about a musician. I mean, if you want to know how cliched this whole thing is, they even are tossing in a “Lead singer ego trip” subplot for drama.

It’s like if the 2007 Transformers had been about a truck driver who happened to drive a red cab, spending his time fighting a biker gang whose leader was Megatron.

…I would admittedly watch the hell out of that movie.

This isn’t a Jem and the Holograms movie, and I no longer feel any need to care about its existence. However you want to refer to this abomination, it comes out in October.

A Surprisingly Charming ‘Lucifer’ Trailer

So when I first learned that Fox was adapting the Sandman spinoff comic Lucifer (where Lucifer abandons hell and runs a piano bar) into a police procedural I was skeptical.

But with the trailer… while I still am critical of the decision to completely mess with the premise, I actually might still enjoy the show that has resulted. Like if Constantine and Brimstone had a baby or something.

Lucifer will air on Fox in 2016.

The Trailer for the ‘Minority Report’ TV Series is Totally a Thing

So there’s totally a Minority Report television series coming to Fox this fall. I don’t think we ever bothered mentioning it here, mostly because I don’t think we completely believed it ourselves.

I mean, would you expect an in-continuity sequel television to the movie Minority Report to happen?

Well, it is – and we now have a trailer for it. Normally trailers can get me hyped up for just about anything, but this one? The show feels like 90s B-Grade science fiction, which while still really fun to watch, doesn’t bode well for a show coming to the “let’s cancel everything fun” Fox network.

Decided for yourself.

The Trailer for Netflix’s Sense8 is Here

Sense8, a Netflix original series created by the the Wachowskis, just got a new trailer today. The series follows eight people who have become connected, and can use their combined minds to do… Matrix-y stuff. Like I said, it was created by the Wachowskis.

It looks pretty cool, but it’s a trailer – so you’d expect it to.

Sense8‘s first season premieres in its entirety on Netflix on June 5th.

New Trailer for Simon Pegg’s ‘Absolutely Anything’

Absolutely Anything is Simon Pegg’s next film, which an ordinary guy is given god-like powers by a group of aliens to judge whether or not they should destroy the planet.

So normal stuff.

Besides Pegg, the film stars the surviving members of Monty Python as the aliens, and the late Robin Williams voices a talking dog.

So, again, normal stuff.

Absolutely Anything comes out August 14th 2015.

New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Actually Makes it Look Like a Superhero Movie

While the previous Fantastic Four trailer had a very science fictiony feel, we now have a second one… which actually looks like a superhero film.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little unfair – The Fantastic Four has always in part been a science fiction story… but barely. This new trailer also gives us our first official glimpse at Doctor Doom – and yes, he still looks like No Brand Con mascot Duct Tape Boy.

Fantastic Four comes out August 7th 2015.

The first ‘Batman v Superman’ Teaser Trailer Released Early

As the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer had already leaked, Warner Bros has decided to just toss it online tonight rather than wait until Monday.

From what trailer it’s clear they’re going full in on the ‘world turns against Superman’ concept. The teaser also sets up a fight between Batman and Superman reminiscent of their showdown in The Dark Knight Returns, which is kind of neat.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Land Before Infinity Ultimate Justice comes out in 2016.

A New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer is Here

There’s a new teaser trailer out for Episode VII. We all know I could spend a lot of time making statements about the film based on the under-two minutes of footage we have, but I think we all know that I’d be making random guesses and just quietly squeeing inside. Instead I’ll just embed the teaser below and you can come up with stuff yourself. Yadda yadda-Luke Voiceover, yadda yadda-adorable droid, yadda yadda-crashed Star Desroyer…

…Yadda yadda-Han and Chewy are in this one.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theaters this December.