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Michelle MacLaren to Direct “Wonder Woman”

Finally some positive news out of the DC Cinematic Universe – they’ve hired a competent woman to director the film. According to THR, Michell MacLaren has signed on to direct Wonder Woman. Best known for her work on Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, she seems a solid choice. Her work so far has been stellar.

Well, she also co-executive produced Harsh Realm, but no one’s perfect.

We still don’t know who is writing the film, but people seem confident to say MacLaren will work closely on as-of-yet-unnamed writer(s) on the script. Wonder Woman is due in 2017 and will star Gal Gadot.


Warner Bros Rebooting “I am Legend” Because Reasons

Whether you liked the Will Smith version of I am Legend or not, it made a lot of money. In fact, it made so much money that Warner Bros previously kept trying to get Smith to star in a sequel… even though anyone whose seen the film knows why that would be sort of a problem.

Well, having given up on the Smith version now that it’s been six years, it looks like Warner Bros has decided they want to make a lot of money again and are trying to put together a reboot of the franchise.

The novel I am Legend has been turned into films a ton of times, from Last Man on Earth to Omega Man (to The Asylum knock off I am Omega), so it’s no surprise to see it happen… the “so quickly” bit is the weird part.

Lord knows if it’ll be any good this time around.

Via Screenrant