The Full Nathan Fillion/Guardians of the Galaxy Story

So those of you who listened to this fortnight’s podcast heard us talk about the rumored cameo appearance of Nathan Fillion in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy – but we thought it might be fun to talk about how that all happened.

You know, like how people do. Because we’re people.

And not giant alien spider creatures.

We promise.

Anywho, like all things of uncertain quality, this story started on twitter.

Umberto Gonzalez of tweeted the following:

When people (as you would expect) asked about the scene, Gonzalez simply responded:

For those of you less familiar with the Marvel canon, Richard Rider is the superhero better known as Nova. As the Nova Corps (which he is a member of) appear prominently in Guardians of the Galaxy, this wouldn’t exactly be a shock.

But, y’know, this is also hardly a confirmed thing.

Since, months ago, Nathan Fillion hinted he might be in the post-credits scene to Guardians of the Galaxy, rampant speculation on the internet went insane.

You know, like it does.

Without anything other than “both of these two things might be in the same scene” reports of Nathan Fillion playing Nova spread like the odor wafting off an Indiana pig farm. The internet was alight with excited tittering about Fillion’s role in the MCU.

Right up until Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn squarshed them:

The deflated sounds of fellow Fillion fans could be heard echoing throughout the canyons of the web. When asked if he was Michael-Baying the fans, Gunn replied –

But fret not, friends of Fillion, as the actor is still in there somewhere:

So there we go. Nathan Fillion is still showing up briefly, and if Nova shows up post credits… it won’t be him.


I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Sources: The Hollywood News, io9, Yahoo UK

Trae Dorn

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