Harmony Gold Does Something NOT Awful.

Watching Robotech Academy fail has been the most entertaining thing I’ve seen Harmony Gold do in so long. That said, it looks like they’re finally willing to release the “hostages.”

That’s right, while it will be called the Robotech Classic Collection,  the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross will finally be back in print for US audiences. And the price point is incredibly low. (So much so I almost regret shelling out as much as I did for my Animeigo Macross set.)

Since HG seems to want to sell this on the basis of “compare and contrast with the original,” lets hope that Southern Cross and Mospeada will get the same treatment.

So yeah. Harmony Gold news and I’m not pissed.  This is nice.

Via: Robotech.com

  • Bernhard Warg

    This *is* good news. I’m tempted to buy it even though I have the AnimEigo release (and the first volume of the ADV release, which contained “Space Trap” as an alternate audio and “This part was cut” subtitle track) in the hopes that the additional sale will convince them to release the other two shows.

    Actually, everything I buy tends to do poorly. Maybe I’d be doing it a favor by giving it a wide berth.

  • Bernhard Warg

    Just looked at the link. Too bad they’re including both Macross and Robotech, as the latter is already available on its own and this will force people to either double dip or buy something they want *and* buy two volumes when one could have done the job.

    It’s still better than the “Perfect Collection” back in the VHS days, despite certain similarities.