Agents of SHIELD getting their comic book counterparts

The problem with San Diego Comic Con is that so much stuff gets announced, it’s sometimes hard to catch everything. One of those things we hadn’t reported on was how Marvel comics is going to be adapting the characters from TV show Agents of SHIELD into a comic set in the Marvel Comics Universe proper.

Now, while Phil Coulson had already made the leap from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Marvel Comics Universe, the rest of his team hadn’t so far. The new ongoing, written by Mark Waid, will include the comics universe debut of the counterparts for Fitz, Simmons and May.

This comic will be set firmly in the Marvel Comics Universe, and it kind of makes this interesting. While SHIELD proper obviously started in the comics, the main cast of Agents of SHIELD is original to the TV show. While the interactions between the Cinematic and Comics universes have usually seen Cinematic properties being adapted from Comics properties, this is the first time a title has been headed by characters who transitioned the opposite direction.

“SHIELD” will debut its first issue in December.

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Trae Dorn

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