Warner Bros Rebooting “I am Legend” Because Reasons

Whether you liked the Will Smith version of I am Legend or not, it made a lot of money. In fact, it made so much money that Warner Bros previously kept trying to get Smith to star in a sequel… even though anyone whose seen the film knows why that would be sort of a problem.

Well, having given up on the Smith version now that it’s been six years, it looks like Warner Bros has decided they want to make a lot of money again and are trying to put together a reboot of the franchise.

The novel I am Legend has been turned into films a ton of times, from Last Man on Earth to Omega Man (to The Asylum knock off I am Omega), so it’s no surprise to see it happen… the “so quickly” bit is the weird part.

Lord knows if it’ll be any good this time around.

Via Screenrant

Trae Dorn

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