Episode 31 – Nightmare of Happiness

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we examine the terrible idea of Tetris the Movie, Clerks 3 gets funding, Joaquin Phoenix ISN’T going to be Doctor Strange, DC’s Carnival of Sadness now covers T-Shirts, Shatner will be in the 3rd Abramsverse Trek film, and a registered sex offender has been working Minneapolis conventions.

There’s no joke about that last item.

  • Andrew Wurm

    So, on the topic of DC t-shirts, I am wholly disappointed that this shirt doesn’t come in men’s sizes, because I would wear this shirt all the time.


  • Andrew Wurm

    I can’t seem to find the link, but I remember seeing in a trailer for Arrow Season 3 that Starling City is gonna rename itself as Star City for some reason.

    Also, I think the letter said “…etc.” meaning it wasn’t limited to the list of current TV shows – in which case, I totally take Agents of SHIELD. MCU, thank you very much!