Hilarious Rumor: ‘Batman v Superman’ Might Be Split Into Two Films?

It’s been a while since we posted about a crazy-ass rumor that makes no sense, but the universe has provided me one which made me laugh so hard I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Latino Review posted an image they got from a tipster who claimed they had gotten a look at the teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Incredibly Clunky Titles. The image states that Dawn of Justice will be Batman v Superman Part II, and that prior to the March 2016 release date (as early as October this year in fact) we were going to get a Part I titled Enter the Knight.


Now there are a couple reasons I don’t buy this – for one, October is really close. Usually when studios split a film, the earliest release date is still the original release date. If part one was coming out in 2016 I might buy it.

It takes a lot to plan a film release frankly.

Secondly, this image would be super-easy to fake, and while Latino Review isn’t exactly known for their fact checking, even they admit in their article that its probably a hoax.

But man would this whole thing be hilarious if it were real.

Via Latino Review

Trae Dorn

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