Falcon to Appear in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Yesterday the official Avengers twitter account tweeted out the new poster for the forthcoming second film in the series. As a poster, it’s not super surprising. There are a bunch of white dudes front and center (two of them named Chris), Black Widow is contorted in a weird position, and Samuel L. Jackson is put in the corner. I’ve embedded the tweet and image below:

One thing though that has jumped out to a lot of people is a tiny detail, barely discernible at this resolution. In the list of people involved with the film, a particular name is squeezed in:


If you couldn’t tell, that name is Anthony Mackie. Anthony Mackie, of course, is best known to Marvel fans as the actor who played Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So Falcon may not end up an Avenger in this film, but it looks like he at least gets to show up.

And we here at Nerd & Tie think that’s pretty cool.

Trae Dorn

Trae Dorn has been staffing conventions for over twenty years, and is a co-founder of Wisconsin’s longest running Anime convention No Brand Con. Trae also wrote and drew the now completed webcomic UnCONventional, and produces the podcasts BS-Free Witchcraft, On This Day With Trae, Stormwood & Associates, and The Nerd & Tie Podcast. This leads many to ask when the hell they have time to actually do anything anymore. Trae says they have the time because they “do it all quite poorly.”

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