There’s Controversy Over Frieza’s New Look In DBZ… and this is 2015, right?

I’m only asking to make sure that it’s 2015, because I’m back in a world where there’s a new trailer for an upcoming Dragon Ball Z film… and people are fighting about the franchise on the internet again. I mean, sure — there’s a good decade or so where this was commonplace (and unavoidable on every Anime forum on the internet), but I had really hoped we’d moved beyond that.

…can you tell I’ve never really like Dragon Ball Z? If you’re a fan of it, I think of the franchise the way you guys think of Naruto.

Anyways, the trailer for the forthcoming Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F debuted a new Frieza design which is dividing the fan community.

Some people love the design… while others… not so much.

Angry fans are so adorable…

Update: I’ve been told this article felt “condescending” to some people: Let me be clear, I only condescend to those with outrageous NERD RAGE — not DBZ fans as a whole.

The worst I said was that I look at DBZ fans the way DBZ fans look at Naruto fans. In my mind that line means “People who like an immensely popular show that is clearly not for me.” If you’re a DBZ fan and you’re offended by that line, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Second Update: Nerd & Tie reader Anthony Hebert sent us his favorite tweet he’d found about this:

Via Kotaku

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