Syfy Greenlights Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s ‘Incorporated’

Syfy has announced that they’ve greenlit the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck created Incorporated. What’s it about? Well according to the channel’s press release:

Set in a future where companies have unlimited power, Incorporated tells the story of executive Ben Larson, forced to change his identity in order to infiltrate a cut-throat corporate world, to save the woman he loves. In the process, he will take on the entire system – with deadly consequences.

Beyond that, the channel is being pretty tight lipped about the series.

Will it be any good? I think it has a shot. It’s pretty easy to forget that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have an Oscar for writing, so I think a TV series from them might actually be good.

I mean, depending on whoever they hire to run the rest of the series after the two of them go back to rolling around in piles of money.

Via io9

Trae Dorn

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