The Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge

Photo: What a Selfie with Trae looks like

Trae is going to be at Anime Central this weekend, and as we mentioned on the podcast we’re giving you guys a challenge.

Which we’re calling the “Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge” for no good reason.

You see, our challenge to you, the Nerd & Tie fans who might be going to Acen, is to get a selfie with three specific individuals: Trae (duh), Bal Flanagan (of Balnibarbi Illustration) and Gen Prock (of Ocelotdude Designs).

All three of these people will be in the Artist Alley, and here’s a handy map of the area:


Here are the basic rules of the challenge:

  1. You must ask permission before taking any photo. Photos taken without the person’s permission are automatically disqualified
  2. The selfies must be taken at the respective people’s artist tables

Upon completion, email the three selfies to with the subject “Anime Central Trinity.” In the body of the email, include your name.

We don’t expect anyone to bother doing this, but if you do, we will post your selfies to the website to share with the world. Also, one lucky participant will be given a random item pulled out of “The leftover RisingStuff stock” (a defunct vendor I used to work for). It could be an Engrish T-shirt. It could be a handful of Wonderswan games.

You never know.