KITT For Sale

Do you love the 80’s? Could you put a price tag on that love? Would that price tag be somewhere between $200,000-$300,000?

Well guess what, 80’s fan? For just the low low price of a quarter of a million dollars, a true slice of that decade can be yours! The Wrap is reporting that the car made famous by the second greatest thing David Hasselhoff has ever done is now up for auction at the Julien Auction House,  along with several other famous television/movie vehicles. Not only will you get the car, but you’ll get all sorts of neat things from the show that will help prove to everyone that no one loves the Hoff more than you.

They haven’t said whether or not William Daniels is going to be included, but for a quarter of a million dollars? I’d call shenanigans if he wasn’t.

Via The Wrap

Pher Sturz

Christopher, or Pher as most Great Apes refer to him (except for Chimpanzees – because they’re rude and never tip waiters either…), is a normal looking Homo Sapiens Sapiens. He’s so normal looking, he’s the host most likely to turn out to be a serial killer or trained assassin. Pher claims he is not, but that’s exactly what we’d expect him to say. Pher has never cofounded an anime convention, which makes his life incomplete and Nick and Trae just feel sorry for him most of the time. Pher left Nerd & Tie at the end of 2016.

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