Holy Crap, ‘The Dark Tower’ Film(s) May Actually Happen

A movie or television adaptation The Dark Tower series of Novels by Stephen King has been in development hell as long as I can remember. When I started writing this article I was convinced that Nerd & Tie must have covered this before, but realized it couldn’t have because I was thinking about news that came out five or six years before Nerd & Tie existed.

Anyway, every once and a while we hear a blip or two about this project, but I’ve taken to ignoring them as none have yet to actually resolve into something real…

…well… maybe until now.

You see, Sony dropped a ton of movie news yesterday, and in that pile was one important thing we’ve never had before: A release date for the first Dark Tower movie.

The film is scheduled to come out January 13, 2017 — which is only a year and a half away. This means that the wheels are actually moving forward, and that the odds are pretty good that something is actually going to happen this time around.

I mean yeah, there’s still a chance this whole thing could fall apart – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did – but this is the closest to actually happening the films have ever gotten to.

Now should this series be adapted into film? I’m not sure. The ending to those books (which I won’t spoil) is so weird that I don’t know if movie goers would ever accept it… so either they’ll leave it and the masses will leave scratching their heads, or it’ll get changed and die-hard fans will get mad.

Both reactions would be kind of hilarious to watch, honestly.

Of course, then there’s the third option: The first movie bombs and we never get anywhere near the end of the series, ala The Golden Compass.

…honestly, I think that might be the best option here.

Via The Wrap

Trae Dorn

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