Frank Miller Drew This Monstrosity, and DC’s Publishing It

Look, we all know the original The Dark Knight Returns was pretty great (or at least we all remember it as being pretty great… I think… we had lower standards back then), but Frank Miller has long since gone round the bend. When a third installment in the Dark Knight series was announced last spring, we all kind of rolled our eyes.

And not just because it will be titled “The Master Race.”

Anyway, Miller will thankfully not be drawing the new comic… but DC did let him draw the cover for “The Atom” minicomic that will be packed in with the first issue. And… well… this is what happened:


So besides the fact that Superman looks like he’s been run over by an Acme branded steamroller, you can also clearly see the outline of Superman’s junk.

God damn it, Frank. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Via Bleeding Cool

  • Andrew Wurm

    It’s very important to note that Miller didn’t come up with this on his own and pitched it – DC, and specifically Dan DiDio approached Miller for this and asked him to do it. Yet again proving that the only reason DC hasn’t completely crumpled is the sheer will of Jim Lee.

    • But it WAS Frank Miller who decided to give us the outline of Superman’s turgid member.

      • Andrew Wurm

        Oh, I don’t disagree in the slightest – it’s just… everyone knows how insane Miller has become. DiDio should have known what he was getting into. And maybe he did, and is ecstatic with where Miller has taken us. Which really speaks to the editorial decision-making of DiDio more than anything else.