Rick Moranis Turned Down Cameo in ‘Ghostbusters’ Remake

A while back, we commented that the only surviving lead actors from the original Ghostbusters not appearing in cameo roles in Paul Feig’s forthcoming remake would be Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. Well, at least in Rick Moranis’s case, it turns out it isn’t because he wasn’t asked.

While speaking with THR, Moranis revealed that while he was approached to appear in the remake, he turned the cameo role down. The actor explained:

I wish them well. I hope it’s terrific. But it just makes no sense to me. Why would I do just one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?

While the answer is clearly “Because the fans of the franchise would love to see it,” it’s understandable why Moranis wouldn’t want to have a bit part in a remake of his old movie be his return to the screen. Rick Moranis famously took a break from acting after the death of his wife in the 90s to devote his time to raising his kids. Moranis says he’s not averse to returning to acting, but that he’d only do so if the part was right.

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, which (again) won’t feature Rick Moranis, comes out July 22, 2016.


Trae Dorn

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