Frank Miller Wants to Write ‘Dark Knight 4’ After Pretty Much Sitting Out ‘Master Race’

So when The Dark Knight III: Master Race was announced, most of us thought “well that sounds exactly like what Frank Miller would come up with.” You know – because he’s super racist, sexist, and just kind of an all around terrible person.

…but we’ve known that for a while.

Well, what’s surprising is that it seems like Miller had very little to do with Master Race. Miller’s recent comments to Newsarama suggest that even though Miller is listed as a co-writer, Brian Azzarello did the heavy lifting. And came up with the story. And pretty much wrote the whole damned thing on his own.

I’m pretty much certain that Miller’s “writing” on this consisted purely of the ridiculous title.

But fear not people who had hoped to see Frank Miller spiral into a fit of crazy in the pages of a Batman comic (again), as Miller wants to come back and write a fourth installment in his Dark Knight series — and this time write it all on his own<. An idea which sounds absolutely terrible.

Which means DC should love it.

Via Newsarama

Trae Dorn

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One thought on “Frank Miller Wants to Write ‘Dark Knight 4’ After Pretty Much Sitting Out ‘Master Race’

  • November 18, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Azzarello is an incredible writer, and he’s done a few turns on Batman which are great. I’ve got the faintest sliver of hope that this won’t in fact be a massive turd, but it probably will.


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