Syfy Launching New Horror Anthology Series ‘Channel Zero’

With Syfy’s new push towards doing more serious genre programming, it’s no surprise that they’ve also decided to jump onto the Anthology Series bandwagon made so popular by FX’s American Horror Story and HBO’s True Detective (well, the first season at least). Last week the network announced that they’ve greenlit a new series by Max Landis and Nick Antosca called Channel Zero for two six episode seasons.

These first two seasons will apparently tell one story titled “Candle Cove.” If that name sounds familiar, it’s because the story will be based on the popular Creepypasta of the same name created by Kris Straub.

Like FX’s American Horror Story, after this initial twelve episode story the show will move on to a different set of characters and an unrelated plot. Considering the Creepypasta origin of their first story and the use of Slenderman imagery in the promotional image released, it can be assumed that the show is going for a more “modern mythology” slant versus American Horror Story‘s more classical approach – which is refreshing.

Part one of Channel Zero’s “Candle Cove” will air in the Fall of 2016, with part two following in the Fall of 2017.

Via Syfy

Trae Dorn

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