Joseph Gordon-Levitt Exits ‘Sandman’ Film Adaptation

Many of our readers know that a Sandman film was in production, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to direct and possibly star. This attempt to adapt the Neil Gaiman comic has been long in the making (originally envisioned as a television series), as the source material is notoriously hard to adapt. But with Gordon-Levitt running the project (and Neil Gaiman on as an Executive Producer), most of us were pretty certain that those shepherding the film into existence would try to bring something faithful to the screen.

Things have gotten a whole lot less certain over the weekend though. You see, Warner Bros shifted the film to their New Line subsidiary, and apparently things have been rocky. After not seeing eye with the studio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has left Sandman.

Gordon-Levitt posted the following to his Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.30.23 AM
Neil Gaiman took to twitter to compliment Gordon-Levitt, saying he respects the actor and director.

While it’s nice to know that Neil Gaiman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt get along, it’s kind of a bad sign for the future of the movie. If what New Line wants to do with the film isn’t faithful to the source material, we may end up with a Sandman in name only.

And that would kind of suck.

Trae Dorn

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