So Ryan Kopf is Suing Me… Again

We do a lot of stuff here at Nerd & Tie. We produce a podcast, are helping start a new convention, and provide in-depth coverage of the con scene. That last bit is one of the things we’re most proud of, but is also what’s led to some of our biggest headaches.

As those of you who follow this site may be aware, for the first half of 2016 I found myself fighting a lawsuit LC CEO Ryan Kopf filed against me in the state of Iowa. It was over some of the coverage of his events I’ve written over the last couple of years (mostly these two articles). He later amended the suit to include Nerd & Tie co-creator and contributor Pher Sturz.

It should be noted that Pher was added to that suit solely because of posts made on his personal Facebook page in support of me.

Eventually things ended, with the case against myself and Pher Sturz being dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. We had hoped that would be the end of this situation, but unfortunately rather than take the minor PR hit and move on, Mr. Kopf has decided to keep this going.

Late last week both Pher Sturz and I were served once again.

You see, Ryan Kopf has had his attorneys refile the case in the state of Illinois in late June. You can read the new petition (2016-M3-003898) here, but it is almost identical to the amended petition filed in the Iowa case. Pher and I are both named, along with Nerd & Tie itself (although that last bit is less important as Nerd & Tie is not its own legal entity — as I am the sole legal owner of the site).

Now, as I said last time, I don’t want to discuss details, but I still stand by what I wrote.

Unfortunately though, legal fees and lawyers are not exactly cheap, and we expect costs to be much higher this time around. So while we hate to do it, we’re asking for your help again.

I’ve launched a new GoFundMe campaign, and if you can help contribute we’d appreciate it. We’re asking for $6,000 right now, although we may need more down the road. I know it’s a lot of money, but theres a good chance this case is going to drag out longer than the last one.

Honestly we appreciate any help you can give us.

  • Zaero

    And here I thought he was allegedly a “good Christian boy” or so I was told by totally not by someone bogus.

    …man he’s a toolbag.

    • dontsuemekopf

      Who would tell you that? He’s a damn athiest.

  • Uuuuuuggghhhhh can’t he just leave you guys alone? I’m the vengeful type and would look into getting the courts to make him pay you back for such baloney suits he keeps filing, making you guys pay out the nose for bogus charges. Obviously I’m no lawyer so talk to yours. I stayed quiet the first go-around, but now he just seems to be out for blood.

    Sorry that you keep getting crapped on by him. I can’t front any money but I’ll share this article where I can. Best of luck, guys!

    • dontsuemekopf

      Kopf can be a major douche, but it seems like both groups are in the wrong here. Nerd and Tie doesn’t write about anyone as much as him. Not even real famous people. Stop giving Kopf his 15 minutes of fame.

      • Bullshit.

        Most of our Kopf coverage over the past year has been about the lawsuit. He runs multiple events in the midwest where we’re based, and we cover convention news.

        It would be weird if we covered his stuff less, and frankly if the same things happened with anyone else, we’d be writing about them too.

        • Kim Pridemore

          Please tell me your countersuing him.

  • Josh

    Hopefully this will be thrown out and punished as the SLAPP it is. Iowa didn’t have anti-SLAPP laws. Illinois does.

  • Travis

    Just so you know the 400lb man is very real his name is Caleb overall he is a nice guy just seems like rather strange things happened although I would say he is closer to 350 than 400 a bit inflated on that rather than hyperbole