Artist Scott Windorski Banned From Evercon for Harassment, Smears Event Organizer

This last weekend was the 17th Evercon, one of Wisconsin’s most established small gaming conventions. This was a historic year for Evercon — It was its first year not only as a three day con, but also the first year it wasn’t held at the DC Everest Middle School in Wausau. For the most part, the move to Central Wisconsin Convention Center was very successful, save for a bizarre and extended incident.

Artist Scott Windorski, who vends under the name “Knotty Cobbler,” was ostensibly there to sell his wares, but began to make the rounds a few hours into the first day of the con, January 6th. As he did so, Windorski apparently began to interact with the other (mostly women) artists. For some, like Bal Flanagan, Windorski was at their booth to not only push his own wares aggressively, but made unwelcome comments that “made everyone uncomfortable.”

For others, the line was crossed even further.

Windorski approached artist Brittany Smith (who previously vended as part of PinStripes Studio and currently sells as AcuteCastle). Smith had sold art to Windorski at a previous event and he was initially very complimentary of her work and asked for a picture with her. However, as Smith posted to the Artist Alley Network International Facebook group, Windorski followed up questions about the artist’s eczema by telling her “I would love to see you naked.”

Smith immediately put Windorski in his place, telling him that she was uncomfortable and asked him to leave. Windorski briefly did, but not long afterward he returned. Rather than announcing himself, Windorski actually threw three one dollar bills at Smith’s face.

Smith told Nerd & Tie “I did my best to stay as professional as I could. I decided to use my experience with children to get me through the situation.” After being scolded again, Windorski took the money back and politely handed it back to Smith, but still didn’t leave the table. At one point during this, Windorski even took a picture of Smith without her knowledge and shared it publicly on social media with claims that she wanted to date him.


Now actively fearful, Smith found an excuse to leave her table sought out the head of security, Brett (who has asked that we not share his last name for the safety of his family). Around the same time, another artist who had been harassed by Windorski reported his predatory behavior to Evercon’s Organizers. Brett took no time in reacting. Windorski was immediately kicked out and banned from Evercon. “We have a zero tolerance policy here,” Brett told Nerd & Tie.

And really that should have been the end of it.

Late into that night and into the early hours of January 7th, Windorski took to social media not only to complain about being kicked out, but to continue to claim he had a date with Smith.

He sent similar private messages to Smith on Tumblr, claiming he wanted to see her again and that he was going to sue Evercon. Smith told the staff about the messages immediately.  Later that morning he did try to get into the Convention Center again and the police were involved, but not in the way Windorski had anticipated. The security staff did not allow him into the building and Rothschild PD escorted him off of the premises.

It was not long after that he returned to both Facebook and Twitter to make conspiratorial accusations.

The focus soon turned to Brett, whose name he did not (and still does not) seem to know, but was a very distinctive person on staff due to his wearing a kilt. Windorski alleged that the real reason he had been kicked was because Brett had sent him “dick pics” previously.

These baseless accusations culminated in Windorski posting not one but two different Craig’s List attacks on the con staffer, featuring the same picture of a man in a utility kilt who is not only not Brett, but also not anyone from the Evercon staff. When we last spoke to Brett, on Sunday the 8th, he was aware of the listing and had already been in contact with his lawyer. It is because of this that he asked that we not post his name.  “My kids are at this con,” he told me. “My first thought was if the people I’m responsible for are safe.”

(Editors Note: We asked Windorski to provide evidence of these allegations, and received the reply “I am not linking you to that email. Not you freaks.”)

Evercon itself continued to be a safe place for the rest of the weekend. The staff were very professional and were exemplary. Scott Windorski is banned from the con and will not be welcomed back again.

Windorski has continued to post on and off about the harassment on his still public social media feeds. This has included more accusations and justifications in addition to actually admitting he said he wanted to see Smith naked in the first place.

In the event he would try to sue Evercon, Windowski would have no ground to stand on. The Evercon Attendee policy clearly states that harassment is grounds for expulsion with no refunds.

Despite this incredibly unusual sequence of events, I cannot emphasize enough how professional the Evercon staff was. Aside from handling the problem quickly and discreetly, they also made sure that Smith was kept informed of any updates in the situation. Evercon itself went off without a hitch after Windorski was expelled.  The attendees who felt victimized should also be praised for their willingness to come forward right away. It’s very easy to let things like this slide in the name of “not creating drama,” but when real problems exist, they need to be addressed.

We here at Nerd & Tie would like to remind you all that your safety always comes first, and that it is never okay to let things slide. If you ever feel unsafe at a con, report it to the staff immediately.

Together we can make the con scene a safer place.

Update (1/28): Evercon is now attempting to get a Restraining Order against Windorski

  • Chris Berdan

    I was a vendor at Evercon and had no idea this was going on. I did notice the cops sitting outside the convention center when I arrived at the building Saturday morning but didn’t think anything of it. I was also situated on the opposite side of the vendor hall from these two so that might have been why I didn’t know.

    I will say on a personal note that every staff member I dealt with, including Brett, was amazing and did their jobs well. For a con to expand to this size and seemingly go off without a hitch is a great accomplishment and I commend them for that.

    • Yeah — Evercon staff did everything right. I’m actually really impressed with how they handled it.

    • PatrioticMom

      Same, except I was in the Artist Alley and my booth was next to his. He made my daughter who was helping staff my table and I extremely uncomfortable as well, but I had no idea how bad it really was! Now I wish I had spoken up on Friday about the things he was saying to us — not harassment, just a little too forward shall we say? And it wasn’t while customers/attendees were around. What we witnessed and what he said to us was NOTHING compared to what happened to Brittany though!!!

      The staff at Evercon and security was very professional, and I was very relieved when he was removed. Things were really tense while they were trying to get him to leave, but the situation was handled extremely well by all involved – except the artist of course!

      Brittany, I’m so sorry that happened to you, and I’m glad you were able to speak up. I read today that Evercon is pursuing a restraining order against him (very brief article is at I hope you will consider doing the same, if you haven’t already. My heart goes out to you! And, you should be commended for speaking out about this as well! You’re a strong woman and you should be very proud of yourself! <3

  • Looking on Facebook for Evercon information and his page popped up in the suggestions. Read the comments on fb just before my kids left the house. Told them to stay well away from him.

  • L. Verhulst

    Great article and kudos to Evercon for their swift action and professional behavior.

  • Terence Clark

    Why do they always have to be wearing fedoras? I have one and I used to wear it from time to time. Then it was taken over as the universal sign of creepers and sexists. I haven’t taken it out of my closet for years because I don’t want people making assumptions.

    For the record I totally, totally understand that this is a much bigger thing than my stupid hat. And I’m glad it was dealt with appropriately and that everyone was safe. And articles like this serve as an excellent public service both as a warning regarding an individual as well as appropriately calling out when a con gets it right from the first report of trouble.

    Still pissed about the hat though.

    • Paul Langland

      Don’t take the hat deal too personal. I say just wear it if you like it and don’t like the behavior of a few ruin it. There are still plenty of nice, well mannered folks out there that wear fedoras.

    • Thomas Sargent

      Same, along with red baseball caps (Thanks Trump)

      • Terence Clark

        Yup, those too. Never wore them in the first place, but I feel for those who did.

        • Thomas Sargent

          It was one of my iconic looks.

      • WORSEKarma

        AAAAAND, there it is… The total denial that an actual Leftist pervert sicko; who committed actual pervert sicko acts; could possibly be worse than THE 45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I will repeat that, because I really DO love triggie-woogling Diaper Pin Fascists: THE 45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. And once more, for the West Coast: THE 45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

        • You see, a tad defensive, Mr. WORSEKarma.

          They were talking about people ruining HATS.

        • Kathryn O’Connor

          Triggie woogling? Those that think triggering is a game are sociopath who can’t comprehend emotions. (and they look like buttholes when they try)
          That guy who shot up the Ft Lauterdale airport…there is an example of a triggered person. Just fyi since you’re ignorant about it.

          Plus, when it’s a woman triggered they make fun of it. but when it’s a male vet, they want taxpayers to pay for his mental health even though he was already paid for his services.

          can you comprehend the issue yet? (and i don’t care if this triggers you. I’ve hog-tyied triggered vets until the sedatives kicked in before)

          • Eh, don’t bother arguing with him — he’s already been banned.

          • jackboots

            Why are you assuming WORSEKarma is male? Are you sexist?

          • No, I was just playing the odds. People who are active on the websites WORSEKarma posts on (according to his or her profile) just tend to be male statistically. And accidentally misgendering them wouldn’t be “sexist” anyway.

          • Valerie Finnigan

            You know that claiming any vet who commits a violent crime did so because of PTSD stigmatizes everyone who has PTSD.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            With the increase of making fun of triggering and dismissing it by sociopaths who can’t comprehend emotions due to their bad brains, I’ve decided it’s important for them to be made to understand what triggering is and can be.

          • Valerie Finnigan

            You also realize the Ft. Lauderdale shooter most likely did not have PTSD?

          • jackboots

            Why do you hate the VA and male vets? Do female vets get a pass, or do you assume that only male vets need VA mental health services?

          • Look – we all can see Ms. O’Connor may have crossed a line in her comments about PTSD. But that’s not on topic, and any further discussion on it will be deleted.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            Just FYI, have you seen internet trolls in an an online discussion make fun of triggering? They post a pic of a horrible woman’s face with the caption TRIGGERED in big letters.
            I’m just educating people on the issue such as the original poster who called it Triggie woogie or something stupid above us

          • Have I seen that? Yes.

            My point is that it’s getting way off topic and I’d like it to stop. The person who made the original post has already been banned.

            This isn’t an article about PTSD, the person who made the “trigger” comment is gone, and if you want to further pursue that topic you can do it elsewhere.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            you’re making assumptions there. Don’t do that. it makes you look stupid grasping for straws

        • David Ellis

          I’m patiently waiting for your rant to make any kind of sense. So far, it’s a lot of word salad.

        • What a strangely out of proportion comment in a conversation about hats.

        • Dana W

          Not my president. You never accepted Obama, I don’t have to accept the orange clown. Case closed,

          • gewaite

            Well, that’ll show them!

    • DustonBarto

      My wife rocks a fedora and nobody thinks she’s a pervert..

      Well… almost nobody.

    • Strictly speaking, that’s a trilby – not a fedora.

      Fedoras are proud and stately hats, first created as a fashion statement for feminist women but quickly adapted for working men, who found the wide brim useful for shading the eyes and the back of the neck.

      Trilbies were created for the upper-class as a mocking parody of the stately fedora. Literally, as their purpose was for rich men to show that they could afford to waste money on a short-brimmed hat that had no practical uses.

    • Video Beagle

      Yep.. Right there with you with the hats.

    • Gussie Jives

      Yeah, whatever happened to the common ease and customizability of the baseball cap? Is it too casual and common for their delicately crafted pseudo-intellectual presentation?

      Nothing wrong with rockin’ a local sports team, save those that are racist caricatures (looking at you, Cleveland). Kinda says something more about you than a trilby.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    His presentation suggests he actually has some severe mental health issue. The behavior remains unacceptable. I hope he can find treatment before someone gets hurt worse.

    • Maggie Ahrens

      My money is on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

      In addition to his creepy projection, his desperate desire to “save” her from her “disability” by reinventing her, his lies about a date, there’s his complete lack of boundaries. All of those things mean she’s not a person to him, she’s a prop.
      Is sociopathy still a thing, or does it have another name now?

      TL;DR – Dude is dangerous and pitiable, but mostly dangerous.

      • Valerie Finnigan

        Yeah, the word’s still sociopathy, though it’s a separate diagnosis from NPD. Regardless, I’m not charitable enough to attribute this behavior to mental illness or personality disorder. Most people with mental illness try to keep it well managed. A creep’s just a creep, and too many of those are perfectly sane.

  • Corrderio

    I’ve read about convention drama before, but this takes the cake…

    • Valerie Finnigan

      This sort of behavior is more common than you think, and it’s not limited to conventions.

      • Corrderio

        I’m fully aware, but never heard of it happening that way at a con. Last time I remember hearing about a big stink like this was when some fan news site’s head got booted out of a con for going to places he wasn’t allowed and getting a VIP pretty upset

        • Valerie Finnigan

          Lot of women get harassed at conventions. Most of the time, particularly when the perp is a creator preying on less experienced creators, the perps get away with it. Victims are told that speaking up could hurt their careers. Anyway, I hear or read about such incidents at least a couple times a year, and I’ve had my own unpleasant experiences.

          • Corrderio

            Yeck I guess I should consider myself lucky I live in blissful ignorance of that.

  • No one who is a decent person smears the event organizers. Period. Disagree on decisions, fine, but the moment you go personal, you’re in the wrong. I hope cons ban this guy. This is wrong way to be, period.

    • Maggie Ahrens

      He was banned from being sexually harassing and horrible.

  • Paul Schneider

    I’d kick this dipshit who defines the very caricature of “creeper” out of my con in a heartbeat if he pulled this kind of stuff.

    • Paul Schneider

      Oh man, I read more of his facebook feed. Good lord he is a timebomb of grossness.

  • DesertLorelei

    Wow. What a horrifying situation for the women and staffers. Well done, Evercon!