The Fake X-Men Comics From ‘Logan’ Are Incredible

When Logan director James Mangold asked Marvel comics if he could include X-Men comics in the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine installment, he was told he could as long as they weren’t any real comic books. To create the old-school style books for the movie then, Mangold reached out to Joe Quesada and Dan Panosian to create the pages of the books for the movie.

We saw some of them briefly in the trailer, and now that the movie is out we can get a closer look at the art created for the film.

We’ve embedded all of the pages and covers we could get our hands on. Some of these feature prominently in the film, while others were created as filler in case an actor paged through a comic book on screen (notably some pages Panosian posted to Twitter).

They’re all, frankly, fantastic, and really capture the feel of the X-Men books from the 1980s. I love the way they look just close enough while retaining a slightly off aesthetic letting you know this is another world. It just adds to the fabric of a world which just feels lived in.

Logan is in theaters now.

Via The Verge

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