Anime Punch Disbands After Con Chair Michael Beuerlein Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery

Columbus, OH based convention Anime Punch has been disbanded and will no longer hold any more events. The convention staff announced that they would be ceasing all future operations on in a statement on their official Facebook page on September 14th:

This is in the wake of convention chair Michael Beuerlein pleading guilty to Sexual Battery in the state of Virgina on September 5th. A misdemeanor, Beuerlein is currently currently out on parole. He has also been required to register as a sex offender.

It’s always terrifying to find out someone like this is running around the con scene. For what it’s worth, not many seem surprised about Beuerlein, as at least this rather lengthy Facebook thread seems to detail a number of other alleged incidents involving Beuerlein. Whether those other allegations are true or not, he sure seems like a person you wouldn’t want to let into your con, let alone operate an event

  • Kip

    I’m glad to see justice served. Finally!

  • Bryan .

    I still find it amazing that a prominent VA and guest at many of these conventions has been accused, multiple times, of possible sex crimes, but people excuse it because …. ?

    Hell, the guy likes to have sex with female con-goers dressed up as his charachters.

    • I’m not sure who you’re talking about off the top of my head, but in any case the reason is simple — we need people willing to press charges and go on the record.

      The problem is the system is so stacked against victims that many (quite understandably) won’t.

      • Bryan .

        This is true. I have been told, by trusted people, that the women were poo pooed into not saying anything.

        I wanted nothing to do with him after, and thankfully, was out of the con circuit for good a few years later. I only see news like this shared by friends, and felt the need to comment.

        Creepy conchairman a sex offender? W will re-org with a new name and most of the same people. Cute and semi-talented actor takes advantage of overly drunk / high women and other questionable situations? Nah, he’s ______.

    • At a minimum we try not to invite anyone with swirling allegations since I have an inkling who you’re talking about.

    • Is said actor very religious?

  • Amanda Blanchard

    That’s what you get for assaulting a minor! They should have cut it off
    … šŸ˜¤

  • The man was known as Pedo Mike for a reason. I called him that to his face once and he got upset, but I’m not in his circle of friends and I’m old and fat so he couldn’t do much to me.

  • NobodyOwens

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • Michael Jensen

    Said actor is likely the dubbed Edward Elric (the Funi dub since there was also a SE Asian English dub of FMA). While sex crime allegations of con guests are common, actual evidence (like a video recording of said act) are much less common.