170. Video Game Crunch

Most games are made with some kind of crunch to meet sales targets and match up with buying patterns, but sometimes the motives of publishers (and it’s almost always the publishers) can be more nefarious. Why does crunch happen, and how can consumers stop it, if at all? Would you pay more for a game that was made ethically?

Vinnk and Sean recount stories of developer woe, and ways to combat the scourge of “crunch”. In Future Retro we go back to two second sequels: Myst III and Pikmin III. And we answer your questions with our “live” audience, from our Discord, and more!

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“One More Continue” and “RPG” theme songs by the Imari Tones: http://imaritones.net.
Vinnk and SeanOrange pixel art by Louis Lloyd-Judson: https://louistrations.co.uk.

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